From out of the past come the thundering hoof beats of the great white horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust & a hearty "Hi-Yo Silver".....but don't expect to see the "Lone Ranger" galloping across our show grounds....BUT what you can expect are the sights, sounds & flavor of days gone buy. Times when horses pulled the plows that broke the earth to plant the harvest. Followed by steam tractors & trains that opened a new age & path to the west. You will see a 1913 "Giser" saw mill in action along with a "Crown" shingle mill that was built in the teens. We feature "Miss Berrtha Kilowatt's" which was once used as a back up generator in Campbell, MO. Every now & then we still use it to produce electricity during our shows. This is just part of the sights & sounds you will experience on your visit with us. I could go on & on but it is best for you to enjoy, learn & explore all of our 15 1/4 acres we call "RUSTY WHEELS".

Now it's up to you. We meet the second Saturday of each month at high noon. We have a pot luck lunch & meeting. You're sure welcome to come & visit with us, have lunch & just maybe you'll want to join after visiting with us.

We'll be lookin' for you....
Rusty Wheels started in 1978 when five guys, Mickey Jones, David Hensley, George Mathews, Earl Henry & Merle Lewis, got together & put on their first show at Earl Henry's place. The next two years the shows were held at the Newton County Fair Grounds. After that shows were held in Western Grove. On May 24th, 1993 the club purchased these 11 acres for $36,00.00 from Roy "Rosie" Crawford. Our kitchen, called "Rosie's Chuckwagon" is named after him. On a "hand shake", the Bank of the Ozarks handled the financing. The property is now "free & clear". Just recently the club received the donation of four more acres adjacent & to the west of our current property line. Club members Sam & Vidana Jennings were the donors of this much appreciated gift. The club grounds have now grown to 15 1/4 acres.
You can find us just about 6 miles south of Harrison, AR 72601 at 5722 Hwy. 65 South. If you're coming south out of Harrison, we'll be on your right hand side but on the other hand if you are coming north on Hwy 65, we'll be on you're left. Either way we're not hard to find. There's a big steam train & some tractors sitting around in our front yard. If you need phone numbers, please look on the "OFFICERS" page.
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North Arkansas
Old Engine Club
Harrison, AR 72601
B.O.A. Blacksmiths of Arkansas
The club covers much of central & northern Arkansas. Many of their members showed up & demonstrated their art & expertise. They both entertained & educated the visitors to our show. Many THANKS to you guys.
Tractor Pull
This activity is an all time crowd pleaser. We had lots of tractors & an eager & excited crowd that enjoyed an afternoon of pulling in a host of weight classes.
Featured tractor for 2014
1960 John Deere 730 High Crop Diesel. This particular tractor is owned by Tim & Bill Ogier of Alpena, AR. This is one of many John Deere tractors this father & son team own. All of their tractors have been totally restored to better than show room condition. They are housed in a specially dedicated building. If you are ever in the area, please stop by & Bill or Tim will be glad to show & dicuss their process. These two guys ONLY have GREEN painted "stuff".